We have a team of experienced drill technicians and various equipment versatile enough to handle the rugged demands of Geotechnical and the sensitive issues of Environmental drilling.

Geotechnical Drilling and Sampling

GWD offers an array of geotechnical drilling and sampling methods that are used by our trusted clients to evaluate the characteristics of soil and rock.  The most important service we offer in Geotechnical Drilling is the ability to communicate with our clients and provide a solution to their specific needs on all type of projects and in all types of conditions.

Geotechnical Instrumentation Installation

A key part of our business is Geotechnical Instrumentation Installation for major infrastructure projects. Working with many consultants and engineering firms across the GTHA installing Settlement Monitoring Points, Deep Benchmarks, Inclinometers, Single and Multi-Point Borehole Extensometers, Open Standpipe and Vibrating Wire Piezometers just to name a few.

Environmental Drilling and Sampling

Though similarities can be found between Geotechnical and Environmental drilling and sampling. The process is much more precise and cleaner to ensure that potential contaminants aren’t released into the environment which could alter the accuracy of samples. We also have to be well aware of and in strict compliance with environmental legislation and standards (Reg. 903) in every region we work in. The very nature of this type of work makes us an environmentally conscious organization. Give the Groundwork team a call for all your Phase I, Phase II, site investigation and remediation works.

Limited Access

We have equipment to service areas where the space and access is limited. Use one of our speciality limited access rigs for all your shallow or deep geotechnical and environmental investigations indoor/outdoor with low overhead clearance, restricted space and difficult terrane to site location.


Core holes are generally used for utility penetrations, investigation for quality control on concrete and asphalt surfaces. Holes can be cored at any angle – vertical or horizontal with a selection of electric or hydraulic power sources can be utilized in sensitive locations or confined spaces.